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Lift manufacturing and installation experts

The team at Lift Design in London can design clever solutions to meet your vertical transportation needs. 

What we do

As experienced lift designers, there's little that Lift Design isn't able to overcome when it comes to our projects. Our team is made of problem-solvers and modern thinkers who can achieve beautiful designs whilst ensuring safe and comfortable transport for your lift's passengers. When it comes to lift manufacturing, look no further than Lift Design.

Pembridge project

Passenger lifts

At Lift Design, we know how to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. Our unrivalled designs and limitless range of customisation options allow us to make beautiful lifts that blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. When combined with our strict safety standards and engineering expertise, Lift Design can make passenger lifts that guarantee a smooth and safe journey through your office, your business, or your home.

Vehicle lifts

Whether you want your car taken to your basement garage, or a lorry taken to different floors of your company, Lift Design can design and install a robust vehicle lift to suit your needs. Engineered for safety and reliability, our lifts will form an essential part of your home or business. Our use of innovative mechanics and unobtrusive design has attracted clients as diverse as the Convention Centre Dublin, the Leadenhall Building in London and even the British Museum.

Pembridge project
SE Square project


If the space allows it, we can also construct staircases around our lifts. Designed with the same range of customisation as our lifts, our stairs can be built to satisfy any requirement or aesthetic. For instance, our previous work has included sleek all-glass staircases, creating a well-lit and contemporary design. Given any briefing, Lift Design will create an impressive and expertly crafted staircase to complement your lift.

Passenger Lifts
Vehicle Lifts
We provide the following options for your new or replacement lift:

Package lifts

Lift Design provides comprehensive, bespoke lifting solutions, working closely with our clients from conception through to the project’s end. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience we can turn problems into solutions, delivering cost effective, safe and reliable products.

Utilising engineering technology and advanced 3D modelling programs, our team of experienced designers guarantee to all our clients (from investors to planners, designers to end-users) the high-quality and efficient processing of all their requirements, even the most demanding ones.

Lift Design are one of the few companies in Europe to provide a complete solution for new and replacement lifts to be packaged, shipped ready to install. Our packages include:

  • Site survey

  • Components specified by clients

  • All drawings and calculations

  • EN81-21 low headroom and shallow pit solutions

  • Logistical arrangements to suit your needs

  • UK support for your project

  • Compatibility with any control system to suit your installation

  • Non-standard finishes support allowing clients to have a customised product to any specification

Our other services include metal work, metal forming (cutting, bending, punching) steel and stainless steel sheets using CNC machines and the powder coating plant.

SE Square project

Bespoke lifts

This is where our real talents lie. Lift Design are expert problem-solvers and can design, procure and install lifts to fit any specification, whatever the demands of the site or the desires of the client. For challenging situations that require a unique approach, Lift Design will find the perfect solution to your problem.

You can find examples of the lifts and staircases that we have designed and installed on our previous projects page.

Inside a modern lift shaft

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