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Award-winning lift designers

Based in London and working throughout the UK, Lift Design has earned a strong reputation for innovative ideas and eye-catching project ideas. 

Who we are

Lift Design is an experienced and well-respected team of designers, engineers and project managers. We design and install innovative and elegant products for clients that have included mansions and museums, flagship stores and skyscrapers – and even a royal palace.

Whether designing bespoke glass elevators or industrial lorry lifts, what separates us from other companies is the sheer amount of customisation we can factor into our designs. We can tailor our products to fit any spatial, functional or aesthetic specification – we are excellent problem-solvers and no challenge is too daunting. We work closely with architects and other designers to ensure that our lifts blend in seamlessly with their surroundings, resulting in remarkable kinetic architecture.

We are also experts at transforming our designs into products, having pioneered new techniques in lift mechanics and manufacturing. All of our installations are overseen by our project managers to ensure a successful outcome in every case.

For residential, commercial and industrial lifts, designed with ingenuity, installed with precision and crafted to your requirements, Lift Design is the company for you.

Paul Britton

Meet our chief designer

Paul Britton has over 30 years' experience in the industry and has won numerous accolades for his work, including the Lift and Escalator Industry Association's first ever Innovation Award. He has designed lifts for many illustrious clients, including the Sydney Opera House, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Ivy Club and the Convention Centre Dublin.

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What we do

Our lift designers work on a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Past projects

Take a look at our previous projects.


Lift Design brings you the latest lift industry news.

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